Lady Gaga Performs Satanic Ritual at Superbowl Says Alex Jones (Surprised?)

Predictably, Alex Jones has claimed that the recent Superbowl halftime show was a “Satanic ritual” – because haven’t ALL of them been just that? Not to mention the opening ceremonies of the Olympics held in London? I mean, isn’t EVERY splashy public ceremony that isn’t run by Evangelicals and their political allies a Satanic ritual?

According to the Independent:

“…before the match started, infamous alt-right spokesperson and InfoWars founder Alex Jones took to Facebook to warn followers not to watch Gaga’s show because she’s the spawn of Satan and part of the ‘New World Order’. [here’s video of his pleaing]

“After claiming Gaga ‘does rituals’ and pointing out she once wore a meat suit, Jones said the Super Bowl ‘organisers are deciding to defile America and break our will by having us bow down to this.’

“’They say she’s going to stand on top of the stadium, ruling over everyone with drones everywhere, surveilling everyone in a big swarm,’ he said. ‘To just condition them to say “I am the Godess of Satan’ ruling over them with the rise of the robots in a ritual of lesser magic.’”

Oh yeah, and Jones has long proclaimed that OTO is the Illuminati; if so I’m still waiting for my first payment of my share of our ill gotten gains. Been waiting a LONG time now.


thanks to Soror Amy for the tip!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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