John Fogerty’s Occult-Tinged Album

The ever-amusing posted an article about a long lost solo album from the great granddaddy of Americana, John Fogerty  that ill-advisedly mixed occult-references with synth-powered disco flavors being interpolated to his signature choogling sound. Here’s the author’s description of the cover art:

“Since none of the surviving images of the cover are up to DM’s standards, let me tell you about it. Picture Fogerty’s name (in yellow) and the album title (in blood red) printed in the kind of Gothic script you’d expect to find on a Hellhammer LP. Below stands Fogerty, his sunburst-finish Fender slung over a black jacket embroidered with a crescent and a pentagram, his right hand raised in warning to point at some haint or zombie lurking just over your shoulder. And if you were there with him at the photo shoot, you’d be pointing at the exact same spot, because there’sa fucking knight in a full suit of armor over Fogerty’s right shoulder. The overall effect: you’re gazing into a magic mirror that reveals you to yourself as John Fogerty, trapped between worlds in the Pit of Souls.”

And while this piece concludes that Fogerty realized what a bad idea the album was, later recordings might hint at continued interest in arcana to wit:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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