Issue #9 of Fenris Wolf Now Available!

Vanessa Sinclair recentl announced on her FB feed:

“Fenris Wolf 9 is here! The collected papers from the Psychoanalysis, Art & the Occult conference held in London last May (…/symposium-psychoanalysis-art-and…/); this volume was edited by my co-host Carl Abrahamsson and myself, with contributions from Gary Lachman, Katelan Foisy, Sharron Kraus, Demetrius Lacroix, Graham Duff, Ken Henson, Peter Grey, Val Denham, Claire-Madeline Culkin, Steven Reisner, Katy Bohinc, Olga Cox Cameron, Ingo Lambrecht, Eliott Edge, Charlotte Rodgers, Alkistis Dimech, Fred Yee, Robert Ansell, Ray O Neill, Derek M Elmore, Júlio Mendes Rodrigo, and Eve Watson. Topics include Sigmund Freud and the Occult, Art as Alchemy, the art of John Balance, Maori shamanism & psychoanalytic treatment, Animistic art, Dance as ritual, the seven layers of the Vodou soul, the American occult revival, the cut-up as a creative, magical & psychoanalytic tool, the art of Nan Goldin, the occulted body, Androgynous aspects in Austin Osman Spare’s art, Salvador Dali’s meeting with Jacques Lacan, Rebis: the Double Being, David Bowie’s Non-Human Effect, similarities between ritual magic and psychoanalysis, and MUCH more, including full color spread of the art of Jhonn Balance, Malcolm Mc Neilll & William S. Burroughs, and Ken Henson. 

​”For those in the NYC area, we are having a book release party for this event on Saturday, May 6, which will include paper presentations by several contributors, followed by a sleep concert by Michael McDermott (​).


The Fenris Wolf, issue no 9 Contents
Vanessa Sinclair & Carl Abrahamsson Editors’ Introduction 7 Katelan Foisy Invocation 9
Sharron Kraus Art as Alchemy 13
Demetrius Lacroix aka Etwal Bryie Bo Oungan aka Joseph Alexander Robicheaux The Seven Layers of the Vodou Soul 20
Graham Duff Sublime Fragments: The Art of John Balance 24
Ken Henson The American Occult Revival In My Work 41
Gary Lachman Was Freud Afraid of the Occult? 45
Peter Grey Fly the Light 53
Val Denham Proclaim Present Time Over 59
Katelan Foisy & Vanessa Sinclair The Cut In Creation 67
Claire-Madeline Culkin Beds, Bodies and Other Books of Common Prayer 77
Steven Reisner On the Dance of the Occult and Unconscious in Freud 88
Katy Bohinc The 12th House: Art and the Unconscious 104
Olga Cox Cameron When Shall We 3 Meet Again? 114
Ingo Lambrecht Wairua: Following Shamanic Contours… 122
Eliott Edge An Occult Reading of PAO 136
Charlotte Rodgers Stripped to the Core 162
Alkistis Dimech Dynamics of the Occulted Body 168
Fred Yee Cut-Up As Egregore, Oracle and Flirtation Device 175
Robert Ansell Androgyny, Biology and Latent Memory in the Work of AOS 182
Ray O Neill Double, Double, Toil and Trouble… 196
Derek M Elmore Dreams and the Neither Neither 209
Júlio Mendes Rodrigo Rebis, the Double Being 220
Eve Watson Bowie’s Non-Human Effect… 227
Carl Abrahamsson Formulating the Desired 239
Contributors 244

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