Is Clarity The Highest Mystical Work?

Here’s an excerpt from Jason Miller’s Monday Magick Newsletter:

So, in my opinion, what is the highest mystical work?  Clarity.

That’s it. Clarity. Perceiving the natural state of your own mind and all things as they are. There is nothing that you are aware of other than your own mind, so clarity is of primary importance. No beatific appearances of Gods or information gained from spirits is more important than the clarity through which you behold them. You have never experienced ANYTHING other than your minds impression of something.

Make sense?

…embrace Jove’s SKY LIKE NATURE and get to know how our own minds are clear, and luminous, and vast. We learn to rest in this principal without accepting or rejecting whatever manifests within that clarity. Once we experience this natural and clear awareness, we learn to stay in it. We stabilize ourselves in it. We integrate it with our actions and our lives.

Now, if we are Monks, or full-time contemplatives, then this might be our whole life’s work! Find a quiet place to practice and thats that. Maybe others will show up and bug us for teachings, so we start a temple or an Ashram or something. But THATS NOT FOR US.

This is our starting point, because once you have clarity of mind, your start to be able to reason and act with that clarity. THIS IS POWERFUL STUFF.

Most people use what scientists call, directional reasoning. You have a way of thinking and everything you encounter you accept or reject based on this.

When you encounter information, people, or events that appeal to or support you, you think “CAN I believe this?”

When you encounter information, people, or events that challenge or repulse you, you think “MUST I believe this?”

If you can rest your mind in its natural clarity, luminosity, and vastness so that you don’t instantly accept or reject things you start to reason differently. Instead of can-I/must-I believe this, you start to ask “IS THIS ACCURATE?” 

In this way, the most subtle of all teachings can become the firmest bedrock for our lives and accomplishments.

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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