Interview With the Creators of ‘Becky Nurse of Salem’

The New York Times recently interviewed Sarah Ruhl and Rebecca Taichman, the creative forces behind ‘Becky Nurse of Salem,’ a new a dark comedy about power, inheritance and, of course, witchcraft, is now in previews at Lincoln Center Theater. It revolves around a descendant of Rebecca Nurse who was condemned to death and executed during the Salem witch trials.

An excerpt reads:

“Is magic something you believe in? Do you believe in forces beyond those demonstrated by science?

“TAICHMAN The idea that everything is explainable seems crazy to me. There’s magic in being alive.

“RUHL I do. It’s like that line in “Hamlet,” that there are more things in heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy. I’ve seen so much evidence of that, whether it’s strange coincidences and dreams, strange synchronicities. And theater is a form of magic.”

Read the whole jawn:

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