Down At The Crossroads Podcast Talks to David Bramwell

The Down At The Crossroads podcast hosts Chris and Tara interviewed author and musician David Bramwell about his new book and album titled The Cult Of Water.  The book’s backcover says:

Aided by a witch and the magician Alan Moore, David Bramwell takes an occult journey back in time up the river Don, in search of the supernatural secrets of our waterways and to solve the mystery of a drowned village which has long haunted his memories. Travelling through the industrial destruction of our landscape he arrives in a pre-Christian era when well and springs were worshipped as living as deities, bringing him face to face with Danu, the goddess of primordial waters, who gave her name to the Don. Can Bramwell face his demons and unravel the symbolic mysteries of our ancient ancestors? Who is the mysterious Vulcan? And will there be a pie and a pint waiting for him at the end of it all?”

His band’s website says:

“Our second single of 2021 is from the forthcoming album The Cult of Water, which mixes spoken word, music and field recordings, and is themed around South Yorkshire’s river Don and the goddess Danu from which the river took its name.  From Swerve of Shore to Bend of Bay is the opening sentence of James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake and the track begins with the mighty voice of comic book author Alan Moore discussing Joyce and Dublin’s River Liffey before moving on to explores rivers in myth, folklore and literature, and as gateways to other worlds.

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