Inaugural Czech Hermetics Podcast

Astrid Haszprunarova and Matthew Blankenburg, two of the folks behind the Vodnar Publishing company have inaugurated a new monthly podcast series that premiers the second Saturday of each month. Their online announcement says:

“We are proud to announce that this month’s firs episode starts a new monthly Podcast that will premier live on YouTube every second Saturday of the month.

“As we see a great interest in the Czech Hermetic tradition, we decided that a podcast would provide a great platform to keep the diaglog between traditions alive, and also provide space for the further explanation of concepts and ideas in which the tradition is based upon. Our first episode focuses on the differences between Psychurgic and Dark (black) mirrors, and further information is provided regarding their contruction, theory and function along with their pratical use. Future episodes will cover topics such as : Franz Bardon, Pierre de Lasenic, Spagyrics, Astrology, Magic Mirrors, Evocation, Tarot, Interviews and more.”

Have a look:

And you can check out their initiation publiciations here:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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