Celebration of Kenneth Grant in London May 18

Spiders From The Mauve Zone is a celebration of controversial British mage Kenneth Grant being held in London at Helgi’s, 177 Mare St, London, E8 3RH, this Saturday May 18. Announcement promoting the event say:

“This is a celebration of the life and work of Kenneth Grant (1924-2011), one of the most influential English magicians of the 20th Century. Often described in relation to Aleister Crowley, Grant didn’t simply examine of practice Thelema, but cracked it open like an egg and took a giant whisk to it.

“A poet, novelist, writer and visionary, Grant brought together such seemingly disparate subjects like Advaita Vedanta, UFO lore, HP LoveCraft and scribbled all over it to create an inspiring, controversial and workable system of magic. If it doesn’t get your blood pumping, it gets your head spinning.

“Spiders from the Mauve Zone is a night of magical experimentation and superluminal adventure, happening deep in the abyss of the sexy Hackney venue Helgi’s. We’re bringing you an exhibition of artwork, live music, performance and tangential acts – with DJ Mynxie on the decks, playing Typhonian Tunes all night long.”

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Thanks to Soror Hypatia for the tip!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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