Home Altars Profiled in the NY Times

It’s pretty commonplace for occultists of various stripes to create and maintain altars in their homes. Now mainstream media is taking note of this practice focusing on a variety of mainstream and quasi-mainstream faiths ranging from Evangelical Christianity to Vodun — but overlooking Wicca, ceremonial magick and the like for some reason.

The article begins:

“As the sun rises over New York City, Yvette Arenaro, an evangelical Christian, prays on a wooden kneeler inside her bedroom closet; Lobsang Chokdup chants Tibetan Buddhist prayers at an elaborate altar in the living room of his family’s cramped apartment; and Nirmal Singh studies a Sikh holy text with his wife and daughter in their attic prayer room.

“They are among hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers from a myriad of faith traditions who set aside a part of their home as a sacred space to practice their religion, meditate or simply offer thanks for a new day.”

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thanks to Soror Amy for the tip.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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