For Andy Warhol, Faith and Sexuality Intertwined

Somewhere in his writings, Magick Without Tears perhaps, the Prophet of the Lovely Star opined that artists are directly connected to the Divine influence of the Sephira Binah when they are creating (PS if you Google “Sephiroth” you get pages of references to a video game character!). The Andy Warhol: Revelation exhibit, currently running at the Brooklyn Museum, examines another sort of Divine influence, namely that of  the Byzantine and Roman Catholic Churches on the life and creative output of Andy Warhol.

A excerpt from the New York Times exhibit review begins:

“The art historian John Richardson, speaking to the glittering crowd at Andy Warhol’s memorial service at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in 1987, said of the artist’s Catholic faith: ‘Those of you who knew him in circumstances that were the antithesis of spiritual may be surprised that such a side existed. But exist it did, and it’s key to the artist’s psyche.’

‘Andy Warhol: Revelation,’ a paradigm-shifting exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum, takes this eulogy and runs with it, finding ample evidence of religious belief in Warhol’s public-facing art as well as the more private self observed by Richardson. It explores Warhol’s Catholicism in all its anxiety and complexity — with full attention paid to his life as a gay man and to the secular consumer objects and celebrities of his Pop Art.”

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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