Fosco Culto “Lunar Demon” (2004)

Fosco Culto has aroused a wide interest in her paintings through her very particular style, expressing a deep and vital engagement with the Initiating Forces informing the currents of night-wandering & sabbatic Sorcery. Through her paintings, she captures the demonic features of the spectral horde of hecatean ghosts, the alluring gazes of siren-like nymphs, the fiery blaze and ophidian majesty of the Watchers, Grigori and Fallen Ones, to transmit the poisoned breath of forbidden gnosis to mankind. By incarnating and reifying her visions through a vital and forbidden communion with the Netherworld, Fosco Culto invites the viewer to cross the threshold, to the spirits world, keeping at gaze the haunted and vivid presence of their inhabitants, like whisperings, gathered for the first time in a very special limited edition.

Fosco Culto “Satan of the black candles” (2010)

The paintings are accompanied by a detailed biography of the author and an in-depth commentary by Dr Per Faxneld, Ph.D. and Docent in History of Religions & author of “Satanic Feminism Lucifer as the Liberator of Woman in Nineteenth-Century Culture”, who offers a contextualization of the artworks throughout the development of esoteric thoughts and the magical arts.

Fosco Culto “Gallery of Souls” (2004)

Hard Cover Edition – Limited to 500 copies
21 x 29 cm – 176 pages – Full-Color
Printed on 150 gsm archive-quality paper

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Fosco Culto




*feature image: “Armaros” (2016)

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