Henry Boxer Talks About His Favorite Outsider Artists

Some would say that at least a certain part of magical practice is attaining altered states of conscious and then making use of the information accessed in that state. Henry Boxer is director of Raw Vision magazine, an art dealer and propietor of a London gallery since the 1960’s that’s specialized in outsider art including the work of psychiatric patients. In this article he talks about some of his favorite artists. This one would seem especially pertinent to magicians who work with spirit evocation:

“Madge Gill produced thousands of drawings on postcards during her lifetime, but never sold one, as she believed she was just a conduit for her spirit guide to produce them, hence they weren’t truly hers to sell. “To make matters more difficult, it is said that she worked in a trance-like state, often in the dark, and only had one eye, which I believe she lost in illness after childbirth. “The drawings though are beautiful, as you can see from this one example. “She also produced huge drawings on calico. One famous piece ‘The Crucifixion of the Soul’ measured 5 by 36 feet, and took the artist over a year to produce.”

Read Boxer on more artists here: https://inews.co.uk/culture/arts/outsider-art-stunning-work-psychiatric-patients-mediums-homeless/?fbclid=IwAR153py1IySwDWFPZu1wkOZtepIhucOj4r97hH0kp5_YaD0D5aMLNsE5h44.

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