Formation of US Military Collective of USGL OTO

The National Grand Master of the U.S. Grand Lodge of Ordo Templi Orientis, Sabazius X* has posted the following announcement:

“I’d like to announce the formation of the US Military Collective of USGL OTO.

“Many USGL current and veteran service members, cadets, and midshipmen may have issues relevant to their service that they might feel uncomfortable discussing within the open forums provided by various public veterans and/or service organizations, which also might not be relevant or well understood within existing civilian Thelemic community discussion forums. We hope this will become a body of resource and additional community to its members, and of benefit to USGL at large.

“To join the US Military Collective, initiate members must be dues current in good standing with USGL, and be willing to provide proof of service (remove/blackout SSN) in the Active, Guard, or Reserve components in one of the seven US Uniformed Services, the five US Service Academies, or crew member status in the US Merchant Marine under WSA or ODT between Dec 7, 1941 – Aug 15, 1945. If those quidelines change at any point, existing members will all remain eligible, and new guidelines will be made known.

“The point of contact for this Collective is Soror ASPK, who can be reached via email at

“For more information on USGL Leagues & Collectives:”

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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