Hadean Press Publishes Erzulie of the Deep

The UK’s Hadean Press recently published a new title Erzulie of the Deep by Sean Woodward. The publisher’s site says:

“Hadean Press is very pleased to announce the release of Erzulie of the Deep by Sean Woodward, our latest in the Guides to the Underworld series of pamphlets for the discerning reader.

“Erzulie is a central figure in exoteric and esoteric voodoo. Discover an aspect of her that traverses the waters of the deep and the cosmos to stand before the Voudon Gnostic practitioner. In this devotional work Sean Woodward, author of Keys to the Hoodoo Kingdom and The Grimoire of ZAL shares insights, invocations and intimations of Erzulie of the Deep.

“This publication came about when I saw the Erzulie painting which graces the cover the pamphlet.  I asked Sean if he would care to write something to go along with the painting, and he very kindly agreed. I’ve admired Sean Woodward’s work for some time but this piece spoke to me like no other and I immediately knew I’d also have to bind it.

“In other news, I must beg your patience with me during the next few weeks as the Magickal Women Conference takes over my life. I will do my best to stay on top of things, and of course orders will go out as usual, but I am very behind in answering emails and I’ve not yet written our Spring update. Bear with me as I attempt to restore order to this chaos. Much love to you all and gratitude for your support of Hadean Press. ”

Their FB page also says: “… we release this title in two editions, both as a Guide to the Underworld and as a limited altar edition.”


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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