Hadean Press Plans for 2020

The UK’s Hadean Press have announced some of their plans for the new year. Their FB page says:

“We begin our winter missive with an update on that most important book, the hardcover edition of the Opuscula Cypriani, which many of you have so graciously pre-ordered. Our optimistic assessment of the print time necessary for this tome unfortunately was wrong. We now expect this title to begin shipping in January 2020. The website has been updated to reflect this new information.

“We have also now made available for pre-order the paperback edition of the Opuscula Cypriani. Again, this title will begin shipping in January. We have a few minor corrections to make to the paperback edition, and as these will ship from the studio in West Yorkshire, we also need to source boxes big enough to hold what is the largest paperback we have ever seen, weighing in at nearly 2.5 kilos!

 “This is not an easy book to deal with, so your patience is very much appreciated as we work to ensure a smooth transit of this title from us to you.


“The first half of 2020 will also see the publication of several more titles from Hadean Press. We are currently working on Finding New Symbols by Cath Thompson (Feb 2020), Queen of the Seven Crossroads by Humberto Maggi (March 2020), Conjure Codex IV (June 2020), as well as a very special project with Madeleine LeDespencer at the helm. More information will be posted about these titles as they progress.”

For more info or to order some of their fine publications visit: https://www.hadeanpress.com/

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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