Greater Feast of Israel Regardie

Frater Orpheus posted on FB:
“On this day in 1985 Israel (Francis) Regardie celebrated his greater feast. Many are unaware of just how much this man contributed to the establishment of Thelema as we have it today. He worked very closely with Soror Meral and Grady McMurtry in the early 70’s in various regard and as the many early letters between them demonstrate, they had the utmost respect for each-other. In one of these letters (dated 1/17/74) Phyllis and Regardie discuss OTO and A.’.A.’. – this is the letter in which Soror Meral infamously wrote that “the A.’.A.’. is still the flaming heart of this branch of O.T.O.” – a sentiment mirrored by Grady – Of no real surprise being that they were both part of the same lineage, that of Jane Wolfe. Thank you Francis!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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