Graham Nash Name-Checking Thelemic Musician Graham Bond

The New Yorker recently ran an interview with singer/songwriter Graham Nash (ask yr granny about him), who’s recently released his seventh solo album, adding to a back catalogue that includes a batch of albums with Crosby, Stills and he as well as with that trio + Neil Young, not to mention the British Invaders The Hollies. It’s all fairly harmless stuff till you get to the end of the article where the writer is describing a leisurely stroll around  Manhattan’s now-toney East Village and notes:

“A young man balanced on one leg atop a concrete barrier — snap — on which someone had scrawled ‘Love Is the Law.’ ‘Graham Bond wrote that song,’ Nash said.”


No further explanation given. I suppose pointing out that piece of graffiti is a sly reference to Nash dumping his second wife of many decades for a lady roughly half his 81 years. Consenting adults, whatever. STILL! And then Nash’s comment… never would have pegged him as a fan of the infamous Jazz-rock bandleader, Bond, a gent who basically provided a boot camp for a shockingly large number of Jazz rooted rock stars (you may need to Google or ask Pop pop about these): Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce  and Jon McLaughlin among them.

Here’s a post about Bond

And here’s the NYer piece:



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