Goetia – Issue 1 Comic Book Published

Occult-art polymath Robert Buratti is releasing a new comic ‘Goetia – Issue 1: Invocation.” The publishing site says:

“Set between ancient Jerusalem and 19th century Paris, the story follows a young antiquities dealer, Solomon David and the unfolding of the the truth about the ancient magical grimoire known as, “The Goetia” and its connection to his own family’s troubled and violent history. Navigating the occult revival of the belle epoque period, David discovers his inherent abilities while battling the uprising of demons, bent on reclaiming the world.”


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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  1. similarly attributes Doolas with the power to give the summoner command of serpents as well as “household spirits,” but it ranks Cooler and Doolas as princes instead of presidents. comic book series. In issue #7, a young Edward Spellman, father of Sabrina Spellman, summons the demon at the request of Alphonse Louis Constant .

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