Goddesses & Gods Exhibit Opens in L.A. June 22

Goddesses & Gods is an exhibit  running June 22 – July 20, 2019 in Los Angeles on  Chung King Road, Chinatown, Los Angeles. It’s being presented by Coagula Curatorial & Lisa Derrick Fine Arts.  The opening will be June 22 from 6-9PM and will feature a DJ set by Spirits of the Night and live performance by Marty Gold and the Gold Standard. The event’s FB page states:

“June 22, 2019 celebrates the solstice on a Midsummer’s Saturday Night along Chinatown’s historic gallery row at the opening of Goddesses & Gods, presented by Coagula Curatorial and Lisa Derrick Fine Arts.

“Goddesses & Gods, the largest gathering of deities ever on Chung King Road, an exhibition of divinities so colossal it requires two galleries to contain it!

“Conceived and curated by Lisa Derrick, Goddesses & Gods explores concepts of apoptosis, apotheosis and auto-theogony through a range of artists drawn primarily from the Los Angeles area. Works embrace both classical and modern techniques; themes pull deities, traditional and self-created, from sacred texts, folk traditions, and artistic gnosis while eschewing rigid fundamentalism in both inspiration and execution.

“With a background seeped in folklore and mythology, as well as Western religious and esoteric history, gallerist Lisa Derrick drew on an expansive array of artists from Los Angeles, with Las Vegas, Ireland and Mexico also represented.

“’Illumination finds expression through the arts,’ says Derrick. ‘Fittingly, this dual gallery show falls on the summer solstice, Midsummer’s Night, a reference to well documented religious festivals from pre-history to now and to Shakespeare’s magical comedy. I hope this propinquity will inspire outrageous and inventive costumes as attendees dress as their deity of choice!’

“Artists: Michelle Alb, Regina Argentin, Jean-Pierre Boccara, Lili Bernard, Rick Castro, Alex Chaves, COOP, Aleka Corwin, @Mike Vegas Dommermuth, Sequoia Emmanuelle, Sandra Equihua, Maria Gkinala, Sophía Gasparian, Pleasant Gehman, Golgo, Brian Grillo, Stephen Holman, Shaelin Jornigan, Louis Jacinto, Lizz Lopez, Eva Malhotra, Aline Mare, Paressi Presone Labitan (Pres-One), Rosie One, Parris Patton, Eva Polonkai, Kim Seltzer, Melinda R. Smith, James Stanford, Kayla Tange, Rodriel Trammell, David Van Gough, Stephanie Vega, J Michael Walker”

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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