Creating the Magical Womb: The Star Garnet

A star garnet

A red chalice.Writing for Patheos, Sister Brandy Williams discusses the Star Garnet as a ritual she devised for all genders; she cites a number of inspirations, and discusses how the ceremony differs from more male-centric ceremonies. While it is rooted in the Western Magical Tradition, as a form of sex magick it draws upon energy human beings have used for millennia while providing an alternative outside the binary. A link to the ritual text is provided at the end of the essay.

Williams explains:

This operation does not require the magician to be any physical gender or have a physical womb, anyone can engage in the operation. There are numerous benefits to an operation which provides a delphus to bodies of every gender. It places the power to direct the operation in the hands of the operator. Sex magick binaries often include the idea of an active and a passive partner; this operation assumes each magician as active. Some sex magick directs the benefit of an operation with a partner to just one of the partners, usually but not always the male partner, while the Star Garnet directly benefits the operator.

Creating the Magical Womb


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