Getting The Devil To Fix a Power Outage

Happy Monday! And as you’d expect – here’s an excerpt from Jason Miller’s “Magick Monday” newsletter.

“Halloween night we got hit by a wind storm, leading to a 2 am leak in the roof, and a 11 am loss of power. Our house has well water, so loss of power is also loss of running water. I couldn’t feel particularly slighted in this: 10 percent of the state lost power, and many more in Maine and New Hampshire. But by evening my wife was freaking out a bit, so I felt like maybe I should speed up the fix.

“I went down to my Cyprian Altar where I do my all my Black School, Christian, and Luciferian work. Lately the Cyprianic Black School stuff has been playing an increasing role in my personal work, so things were set and ready to go. No real spell or ritual that night though, I just lit the candles, said an infernal our father (I like demons and the Devil for speed….) and stared at the statue a bit until things went hazy, signaling presence. I asked “I need to have power, internet, water, and comfort for my wife and I within three hours”.  “If not sooner” was the voice I heard back. It didn’t take three hours. It took three minutes

“Three minutes after this brief encounter, a  friend who rents condo’s in town reached out to us and offered us a condo to stay at for the weekend. I wen’t back downstairs re-lit the candle and said “You know damn well that is not what I meant! I wanted the power on in this house”. This was met with he said “that is not what you said, and this is better. The house power will be restored this evening.“. And it was better in fact. It’s always nice to get out of the house for a night. Our kids were already at sleepovers so Tiffany and got away from chores and leaks and stress and got to prep for a writers retreat we were booked at upstate the next day.

“What is the take-away from this story?  Three things:

“1. Be aware that magic often works on words and mechanics, NOT intent.  I said I wanted comfort, calm, and power within a very short time frame. I got it, just not in the way I intended. I realized after the fact that what I intended was not within possibility (though power came back 5 hours later, not 3). So this worked out well.
2. Quick simple spells to establish contact are possible but only if there is a relationship established through consistent offering, ritual, and communion. If this was my first contact with a spirit, simply lighting a few candles and uttering some Latin seldom does much. Its the fact that a well-tended altar was already in place that let me do fast and loose sorcery under pressure.
3. Because magic works by word and not intent, if you conjure a spirit under duress you will often get exactly and only what you ask for. If the spirit is pissed, it can even be twisted – thus the long legalese in some conjurations to avoid the ham sandwich problem*. If you establish a relationship with a spirit or group of spirits, you can get so much more. Please don’t misunderstand me, relationships with known powers are not casual affairs. If someone tells you about frequent casual chats with Hekate, Metatron or Astaroth you can be sure that they are either talking to a local spirit masquerading as that being, or more likely, talking to themselves. Relationships with powerful beings, be they people or spirits, are not as lax as coffee with a neighbor. They are still relationships though, and just like with powerful people, when someone knows who you are ahead of time you get a faster line of communication. ”

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