Genesis Breyer P-Orridge on The Exploiting of Gender Issues By Commercial Enterprise

Earlier this year, spoke with Genesis Breyer P-Orridge regarding the outcome of gender being exploited to merchandise for-profit fashion trends. Among other things she says is:

“We’ve just gotten to a point in culture where it’s just like mental fatigue. There’s just been suddenly this Hurricane Sandy of trans this and trans that. And you can bet your life that in a couple of months they’re going be saying, ‘Words we never wanna hear again: trans and genderless’, which is sad, because what’s been co-opted is the politics of identity and it has been trivialised into one season’s fashion and that’s a dangerous way of reducing the importance of the real issues. And that’s something that the corporate world does very well. They always co-opt and even coerce new radical ideas that express the underground, the street culture, and they do it very deliberately because they realised a very long time ago that if they reduce it and co-opt it, it loses its power to change anything. The good thing about people who are corporate is that they’re stupid. So they can be touching something that’s precious or radical or special and they miss the point completely. They walk right by and go to the toilet.”

Read the whole interview here:

Genesis 3


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