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When a bright light is put out, how much brighter seems to shine the lesser ones.
March 1st, 1937.

The Universe is God’s Manifestation of Himself,
I am part of the Universe
∴ I am part of God’s Manifestation of Himself.

This is a God manifesting Universe
I am a part of the Universe
∴ God is manifesting Himself through me.
April 8, 1934.


A diamond has no colour of its own but it manifests all colours in accordance with the action of the light through and upon it.
April 8, 1934.

The Great Ellipse rather than the Great Circle, because of dual centre of focal points.
Aug. 1, 1935.

The Greater Mysteries are those things that were discarded upon entrance to the Temple of the Lesser Mysteries.
Feb. 17, 1934.

The one who sees heaven through the telescope is at the end opposite to the astronomer.

The universe looks into heaven through the telescope; not the astronomer.

God is Eternal; He has no Beginning, If any creature could ever become God, he would begin to be God, and God would then have a Beginning – His Eternity would be destroyed.
July 12, 1935.

One is free from desire when one rests in the perfect satisfaction of all desires.
11 a.m. Aug. 18, 1934.

A L = All or nothing
Aug. 29, 1934.

There is nothing that I am not.
Sept. 6, 1934.
[Drawing of Ouroborus]

My end is in my Beginning!
Sept. 26, 1934.

Those Who are those who knowing NOTHING can best express their knowledge by Silence.
Oct. 11, 1934.

Conscious )
Conscience )
Conclusive )

A Self-Realising Reality
— Realisable
— Realiser
Realisation of the Reality of a Realizable
& Realised Ideal.

We are content in becoming to Be Perfect.
Jan. 8, 1935.


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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