First Aynbath Artbook

We received this info about a new publication:

“Aynbath is a growing collection of mystical journeys (short stories and comics) and sequences setting in a spiritual dark fantasy world (

“Finally it is here. A voluminous compendium consisting of characters, places, spells and tales of the first years of Aynbath. Accompanied by intriguing texts and stories this is a diverse collection of ideas and artwork in many styles. It also contains exclusive revamps of a few beloved older artworks and also paintings that will only be featured in this book.

“The book unites diverse influences: Sigil magick, old norse culture, gloomy entities, sorcery, nature mysticism, spirituality, philosophy, visions..

“Pages: 156
Language: English & Deutsch”

Order the Book here:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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