Fetishes More Common Than You Might Think

seamed stockings and high heels

seamed stockings and high heelsThe word “fetish” conjures up specific images for different people. Some think of leather and latex apparel, while others might imagine a corseted dominatrix, yet still others think about a pair of high heels. There are more fetishes in the world than there is space in this blog post. Are fetishes as unusual some seem to think? Not really, though some are less common than others.

The DSM-V doesn’t consider a your fetish to be a paraphilic disorder unless it causes you distress or has an impact on your everyday life. So as long as you continue to be able to function in society without harming anyone, including yourself, all is well. Get down with your bad self, but maybe skip the cannibalism, okay?

Five Weird Sex Fetishes And The Psychological Reasons Behind Them.


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