The Feast of the Lion-Serpent

Gold lion-serpent brooch

more lion-serpents“And I believe in the Serpent and the Lion, Mystery of Mystery, in His name BAPHOMET.” August 1 (tomorrow) is the Feast of the Lion-Serpent. To celebrate, here are some quick facts about Baphomet:

  • In the Egyptian cult of Hathor, the lion-serpent represented the royal seed of the Pharoahs.
  • When Aleister Crowley became the Outer Head of the Order, he took the name Baphomet.
  • When arrested by agents of King Phillip in France, the Knights Templar were accused of worshipping Baphomet.
  • In Magick in Theory and Practice, Aleister Crowley associates Baphomet with “Love, i.e. the instinct to satisfy Godhead by uniting it with the Universe.” He further tells us, “The Inverted Pentagram—Baphomet—the Hermaphrodite fully grown—begets himself on himself as V again.”
  • Tau Polyphilus gives us a lovely discourse on Baphomet.
  • According to Eliphas Levi, Baphomet represents the “Great Magical Agent.”
  • The Church of Satan just unveiled its statue of Baphomet in Detroit.
  • Some Christians believe that Baphomet is Satan.
  • Some people believe that Freemasons worship Baphomet.

Here is a menu of aphrodisiac recipes to enjoy for the Feast of the Lion-Serpent:


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