Factory 718

imagevia Robert Buratti

“The Tao is exactly equivalent to the Am or Nothingness of our Qabalab, because equally it must be comprehended as necessarily possessing a phase of mamfestaion. The conception becomes more objective as it is developed, so that both Tao and its hidden correlative Teh are formulated in a quite positive way as the Yang and the Yin, which correspond exactly to the Lingam and the Yoni. These being clothed about become the popular symbols of Father and Mother. In the macrocosm they correspond to the Sun and Moon; and, by further descent into matter, are, on the masculine side, Fire and Air; on the feminine side, Water and Earth.”

Aleister Crowley, The Book of Thoth

Robert Buratti
Beijing Nigredo III
pen, ink and oil on chinese calligraphic paper
120 x 85cm

Factory 718
Opening on 5th December


Peter Seals

20+ year member of the Ordo Templi Orientis having served in various governmental and organizational capacities. 5+ year host of Thelema NOW!, the official podcast of OTO/USGL under the Nom de Pod, Frater Puck. Serious bibliophile for longer than I can remember.

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