Dzogchen Teachings of “The Twenty-One Little Nails” in Connecticut

John Myrdhin Reynolds aka Lama Vajranatha will be hosting Dzogchen Teachings of “The Twenty-One Little Nails May 17 at 5 PM – May 19 at 8 PM at Windsor Locks, Connecticut. The event’s FB page states:

Dzogchen teachings and practices are found in the two old schools of Tibet, the Nyingmapa and the Bönpo. In particular, the Bönpo Dzogchen teachings of the Zhangzhung Nyängyüd, “The Oral Tradition from Zhangzhung,” are classified into four cycles of texts, representing the actual words of the enlightened master Tapihritsa. The fourth cycle containing the very secret teachings of Dzogchen focus on the practices of contemplation, or Trekchöd, and the practice of vision, or Thödgal. The aim here is to remove any doubts regarding the Natural State of the Nature of Mind being the source of all vision, both in meditation practice and in normal life. This seminar will be based on the text known as “The Twenty-One Little Nails,” pertainig to the essential points of Dzogchen practice. Copies of the translation of this text will be available at the seminar.
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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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