Darcilio Lima : Meteoric Rise from Obscurity


Darcilio Lima (1944 – 1991, Brazillian) rises from obscurity.

The oddessy the art of Darcilio Lima has taken, from the first solo exhibition of a ten year old boy at his school to the world’s greatest museums,

is the story of how an artist from the lowest echlons of economic desitution prioritized his art making as a source of empowerment, and eventually

found his way in world of chaos into the parthenon of great art.

After years in obscurity since his death in 1991, 2017 has seen Brazillian visionary shamanic artist Darcilio Lima in major international art fairs

and included in exhibitons in two of the world’s most prestigeous museums.



Darcilio Lima (Darcílio Paula Lima) was a Brazilian painter, designer and writer, born in 1944 in the coastal town of Cascavel in Ceara,
a poor state in the Northeast of Brazil, and died at the age of 47.

This mysterious figure is known as a visionary artist, outsider and one of the leading names in Brazilian Surrealism. His first art exhibit was held
when he was only 10 years old, his friend was Salvador Dali, and he was a prominent figure in the 1960s underground art scene of Rio de Janeiro.


Darcilio Lima is a self-taught artist. In 1957 he moved from his hometown to Rio de Janeiro. He studied science fiction, mythology, religion, Sartre, astrology, philosophy and alchemy. He was a bohemian artist, experimenting with drugs and sexuality. In 1966 he suffered a mental breakdown and ended up in a centerfor mental health, called the Casa das Palmeires. There he met Ivan Serpa, the prominent artist from Brazil, who mentored him and fostered his talent. Lima was also an apprentice to Marcello Grassmann, who taught him engraving techniques. In 1972 the artist went to Europe upon doing illustrations for the magazine Bizarre, and stayed in France for three years. He befriended Salvador Dali, Moebius and Jodorowsky. Lima went back to Brazil in 1975, where he had a solo exhibition and showed 25 engravings. The exhibition was accompanied by the book Darcílio Lima: Diafragma, published by Etcetera Edições from Rio de Janeiro. The book included reproductions of the engravings. The edition was limited to 500 copies, and one of the copies was featured in the
collection of the MoMA and the Getty Library.

The book gained him a lot of international attention, however, after the book was published the artist just disappeared.


Huffington Post:

“Darcilio Lima had his first art show at 10 years old. He was a crucial player in Rio’s hedonistic underground art scene in the 1960s. He spent a significant period of time in the 1970s in Paris, sleeping in a graveyard. Like any legit surrealist, he was friends with Salvador Dali. And, yet, the Brazilian artist’s name remains widely unknown, despite the captivatingly fine lines and hypnotically twisted figures that ooze forth from the darkest depths of his subconscious.

see full @ Darcilio Lima LEXICON Mag


Darcilio Lima 1944 – 1991


Darcilio Lima – Reina Sophia Museum Madrid and coming to the Met Brauer in September, courtesy of Stephen Romano Gallery.

Our beloved Darcilio Lima (1944 – 1991) conjurer of protection again the forces of malevolence, shamanic presence and lover of life. Presently on view at Reina Sophia Museum Madrid and coming to the Met Brauer in September, courtesy of Stephen Romano Gallery.


Artist:Darcílio Lima (Brazilian, 1944–1991)
Dimensions:Sheet: 25 1/2 × 18 in. (64.8 × 45.7 cm)
Credit Line:Gift of Stephen Romano Gallery in recognition of Kelly Baum, 2017
Accession Number:2017.207
Not on view
Drawings and Prints (154,761)
Artist / Maker / Culture
Darcílio Lima (1)

The MET picks up works by Darcilio Lima for inclusion in the exhibition “Delirious” . How completely thrilling to watch the odyssey of this great artist go from completely unknown and obscure ! — with Darcílio Lima, esotericart.net,Stephen Romano Gallery, Lexicon mag and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.



DIAFRAGMA : Darcilio Lima pdf

Darcilio Lima 1944 – 1991 published by Stephen Romano Gallery 2014 PDF


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