Cyprian’s Mirror of Four Kings

UK occult publisher, Hadean Press announced the release of the latest in their series of Underworld Guides, The Art of Cyprian’s Mirror of Four Kings: An Early Modern Experiment of Cyprianic Conjuration. Their website enthuses:

“We are delighted to announce the release of The Art of Cyprian’s Mirror of Four Kings: An Early Modern Experiment of Cyprianic Conjuration by Dr Alexander Cummins on this, the Day of the Dead.

“This work is dedicated to the sorcerers, dead and alive, who gather at the crossroads of the world’s cunning who have granted their wisdom and their power to bring clarity and strength in the darkness.

“Salve Tata. Salve Tata Nkulu. Salve Bakulu. Salve Kimbanda. Salve Muloji.

“Hail Saint Cyprian of Antioch.

“The Art of Cyprian, found in MS Sloane 3850, contains instructions for the construction and use of a magic mirror attributed Saint Cyprian of Antioch. Along with the preparation of the mirror itself – which includes making and consecrating a particular ink for drafting certain figures of Solomon – come instructions detailing a conjuration of the ‘four worthy princes of the earth’, including a special appeal to the King of the East as their primus inter pares, and a dismissal of these same ‘four kings of the four parts of the world’. In this Guide to the Underworld, Alexander Cummins illuminates further Cyprianic dimensions of these directional courts of the various cardinal kings and their messenger-king attendants in the grimoiric corpus.”

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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