Currrent 93’s David Tibet Guests on Grave Pleasure’s Upcoming New Album

The band Grave Pleasure announced that David Tibet is guesting on a song on their upcoming album, Motherblood. Their statement reads:

“I will forever be inspired by the musical works and lyrical poetry of David Tibet (Current 93). That is why we are so very proud and honoured to have him as a guest on our new album Motherblood! David is part of the song Atomic Christ, that we played on our most recent tour dates with Killing Joke, which he wrote and performs original lyrics/vocals for. We want to thank David Tibet from the bottom of our hearts for helping to make this record a work of magic and for a collaboration which believe is hugely exciting. We can’t wait to share it with you all. Motherblood will be shed at the end of Sept/early October – date tba.

“Like the great sacrament of ancient times that was the blood sacrifice of the mother, we too have laid down our most holy flesh at your feet. This record, which is a bold re-definition of death-rock and our totemic challenge to our pretenders, shall be our most grand and sordid testament. If you have never danced with the skeletons, then this album is your gateway drug to all the nihilistic pleasures of the grave. Apocalyptic post-punk never sounded so desperately bleak and wild yet never grinned so maniacally and writhed so fervently with tongues that whip the tombs. The Kali figure of our cover is the eternal icon of nuclear fear. She presides over the religion of an apocalyptic future. A desolate future we proudly celebrate with caustic music of the most furious punk. Come imbibe and wash your mind in our Motherblood. We’re dancing in the lion’s mouth. The elevator only goes down.” 

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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