Current 93 Re-issuing Its Entire Back Catalogue on Lathe-Cut Vinyl

David Tibet has announced an ambitious Current 93 re-release campaign for 2017.

“I am working with The Bricoleur (Bladud Flies!) on a project to reissue the entire back catalogue of C93 as lathe-cut UtterEditions. The (lovely) Bricoleur is in the process of remastering every album and mini-album by C93—as well as other items connected to my continued presence at the Apocalypse Drag PickNick. I haven’t yet decided how to reissue the 12” singles, but they will also appear!

“The vinyl for each single album will contain 2 lathe-cut records, with the music on sides 1 and 3, and silk-screened images and text on sides 2 and 4. The records will be housed in an elaborate silk-screened gatefold sleeve, which itself will be placed inside a hand-made linen bag with ties to close it, and with silk-screened text and images on the bag relating to the specific album it holds. Each album will also come with a signed and numbered silk-screened insert.

“So, for example, NATURE UNVEILED will contain 2 lathe-cut 12” records. The first record will feature “Ach Golgotha (Maldoror Is Dead)” on side 1, with side 2 having no music but instead a silk-screened image. The second record will contain “The Mystical Body Of Christ In Chorazaim (The Great In The Small)” on side 1, and will carry a different silk-screened image on side 2.

“So all of C93’s Channellings will finally appear in the way that I dreamed they would appear from the very moment they skipped into my heart and heels. The first two releases will be NATURE UNVEILED and DOGS BLOOD RISING. We expect these two titles to be ready in April 2017. They will be added to the shop as once as we have received them. Thank you.”

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