Cunning Folk Opus Pan To Artemis Incorporates Crowley Poem

British guitarist George Hoyle, recording as “Cunning Folk” has released a new album, A Casual Invocation that features a lengthy psych-folk piece titled “Pan To Artemis” that incorporates a Crowley poem.

Give a listen:

Here’s an excerpt from an interview that ran at

“Just over eighteen months ago George Nigel Hoyle – who records under the Cunning Folk moniker – spoke to Folk Radio about his album Ritual Land, Uncommon Ground: an eclectic and diverse showcase of his songwriting that drew inspiration from Steely Dan, Julian Cope and the nature writing of Robert MacFarlane. This month sees the release of a second Cunning Folk album, Constant Companion, a collection of wonderfully intimate songs, mostly from the folk tradition. It was recorded in live takes and demonstrates Hoyle’s talents as a sincere, lively performer and a staggeringly accomplished guitarist. He agreed to talk to us again about how and why he made it.” Read the whole interview

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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