Concept Album Devoted to Isobel Gowdie Being Released in May

The Isobel Gowdie project is a concept album done in collaboration between Scottish artist Julia Jeffrey and Gillian Chadwick of Phildelphia’s Ex Reverie.

The first edition of the Isobel Gowdie project: a full 8″ square booklet of artwork and lyrics, plus a CD of the album.

The Ex-Reverie Bandcamp page states:

“Working closely together for years, Gillian wrote songs and Julia created full-scale paintings inspired by the legendary confessions of Isobel Gowdie. Put on trial for witchcraft in 1662, Isobel’s testimonies are infamous and as powerful today as they have ever been.

“Recorded with a version of Ex Reverie composed of some of Glasgow’s finest musicians (members of Big Hogg, The Hidden Masters, Trembling Bells, and Trashcan Sinatras) on location in an old mill building in the shadow of castle ruins in Strathaven, Scotland, the album takes a heavy psychedelic trip through the world of a defiant witch. Full of powerful freedom and gleeful malice, Isobel’s story is one of raw sexual and magical energy. A woman under heavy societal and religious restrictions, Isobel chose the act of total rebellion in the face of danger and judgement. A complicated and inspiring heroine for our times.”

edition of 100

pre-order your copy:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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