Cleaning the Dirty Stuff: Care and Maintenance of Sex Toys

385894 20: The "True Blue Screw," "The Venus Wrap," and the "Waverunner" sex toys are prepared for packaging and shipment February 21, 2001 at Calston Industries Inc. in Toronto, Canada. Calston Industries Inc. creates, manufactures, and distributes what it calls "romance toys" worldwide. (Photo by Darren McCollester/Newsmakers)

Although some people will tell you that you can just wipe them off, there’s actually an art to maintaining your sex toys, keeping them in good, germ-free condition. For example, did you know that many sex toys are porous, so sanitizing agents sold at stores are useless? Did you know that most lubricated condoms are unsafe with silicone toys? Learn these facts and more, in this detailed guide by Dangerous LillySex Toy Cleaning Guide / Material Information Guide.


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  1. Hey thanks for the sharing the guide. I’m currently doing research on this as I really want to find out all the proper steps and the proper cleaning methods for safety and for keeping our toys in the best condition!

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