ARCANA: a TAROT inspired Art Show

The Magician: Samuel Araya


The tarot card: a tool to maneuver deep into the unknown, it has drawn curious individuals to relish in its mystery for centuries. A source of inspiration and guidance, it is the epitome of Arcana – derived from the Latin word arcanus, meaning “mysterious,” “hidden” or “keeper of secrets.”

In Corvidae Collective Gallery‘s latest exhibition, artists from around the globe have gathered to give their personal representations of the major tarot Arcana. Each painting or drawing has been carefully designed on a 14×18 deep-cradled birch panel, slotting together in undeniably eloquent harmony. Arcana is a group show where each artist shares their own interpretations of their selective tarot cards; what speaks to them both as artists and as individuals is laid bare, connecting artist to the esoteric and the mystical.

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See all artworks at Corvidae Collective ARCANA Show

ARCANA Group Show @ Corvidae Collective Gallery

The Sun: Linsay BlondeauDeath: Terry MontimoreThe Moon: Tammy Mae MoonXII [Hanged Man]: Symantha JonesThe Devil: Julie Fordham

Barry William Hale

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