Christopher Bono’s Bardo

I just stumbled across a musical release I thought would be of interest to y’all. According to Wikipedia:

“Christopher Bono’s album, BARDO, incorporates a vast source of multicultural influences including –The Tibetan Book Of The Dead, various archetypal symbolism and characters from the ancient Tarot system, sound healing, and sacred geometry. This surreal musical drama narrates the path of “The Fool,” a character derived from the Tarot system, as he experiences a spiritual journey through a cycle of loss, despair, inspiration, destruction, death, the afterlife, and rebirth.

“The recording of BARDO features members of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra and the Prague Philharmonic conducted by Teddy Abrams. The sessions were recorded at the legendary Dvorák Hall in Prague, and were produced by Christopher Bono with Grammy Award-winners Adam Abeshouse and Silas Brown.[7]

“BARDO was originally a site-specific work commissioned by Sympho Concerts and was premiered to a capacity crowd at the Ann Hamilton Tower in Geyserville, CA in June 2012. Performers and audience members were positioned along the length of the entire structure on double-helix interior staircases. This vertical plane was taken into consideration for the compositional process, and then was translated onto a horizontal level for a larger orchestra.[8]”

Have a listen:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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