A Bite From the Serpent of Hekate

Jason Miller posted a link to this posting on his StragegicSorcery.net site this past weekend:

This was posted to the Strategic Sorcery list over the weekend.

What does the bite from the serpent of Hekate mean? When I was giving offerings at the Hekate supper last night. The serpent she holds on her middle right hand extended itself and bit me. There was no pain only a brief shock. No drama or cry for attention here just needed some clarification.

Did you wake up with defined abs like Toby Maguire in Spiderman? If so keep an eye out for scales, fangs that release venom and some superhuman speed 

I am guessing not though….

In that case its a thing that happened in vision. This is probably just the mind at play and means nothing. What Tibetans call nyam. Weird stuff that happens in meditation. Mind at play. Keep doing what you are doing. 
If it is more than just the mind at play, if it really is an interaction with Hekate, it is probably just a sign of aknowlegement. A thumbs up to your efforts. Keep doing what you are doing.

If it means something beyond even that it will be made apparent through other ways. Corroborating events, omens, instructions. If this is something meant to be actionable, then an action will become apparent. If not…. keep doing what you are doing. 

Am I telling you to judge all your visions or experiences as unimportant? No. I am telling you not to judge them at all. You don’t need to feel good or bad about it. You are not deluded, nor are you the special. If its a nod to progress, just take it and keep going. If its something actionable then that will be made apparent either in the vision itself or through confirming events around it.

Some occultists try to find the hidden meaning in every dream, synchronicity, or brain fart. My rule for myself is exactly the opposite make as little a deal out of these things as I possibly can. When you do that, 99% of them will simply fade from memory. The ones that are truly important will stick like Morpheus’s “splinter in your mind driving you mad” until you take the actions that will be laid out before you.

The biggest problem for the Witch, Magician, or Sorcerer is not obtaining visions, but obtaining the discernment needed to separate perception from projection and the discipline to keep doing what you are doing without running after the next new thing

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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