Call for Papers for a Panel at World Congress of the IAHR

A call for papers for a panel on Esotericism in a global context: centres, margins, and everything in between has been issued by the panel’s organizers, Marco Pasi, Henrik Bogdan, and Mriganka Mukhopadhyay. The panel will be part of the 22nd Quinquennial World Congress of the IAHR at the University of Otago, NZ. Here’s the basic premise:


“The study of Western Esotericism has been established as a field for more than two decades. Recently, a debate about boundaries has emerged: why should esotericism be qualified as ‘Western’ in the first place? Could we think of non-Western ‘esoteric’ traditions? And, in that case, would it be because of historical influences and transmissions (however entangled) or because of structural similarities? In the first case, one could think of a historical development of esotericism moving from a supposed centre (first Europe, and then the “West”) towards the ‘peripheries’ in other parts of the world (Latin America, South Asia, East Asia, Africa), through the effects of colonisation and globalisation. In the second case, neither centre nor peripheries would be relevant, but patterns occurring in different cultural contexts and calling for comparative analysis. The papers in this panel will discuss these problems and challenge current assumptions in the study of Western Esotericism.”

Please send paper abstract (150 words max.) and a short bio to the following email addresses:;; and

Abstracts will have to arrive November 30. 2019.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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