Business Facing Court For Involving Employees in Religious Practice

There’s a lot to be be for bringing a spiritual element into the mundane parts of one’s life, the workplace for instance. But if you’re a business owner and think of inviting employees to perform Resh with you the issues a Long Island business is having might give you pause.

Newsday reports on a court case brought by workers at a Discount health insurance company known as “Onionhead” that pressured them into what they considered religious practices:

“…Numerous religious practices purportedly permeated the office environment,” Matsumoto wrote in her 102-page opinion. “Virtually every claimant described prayer, sometimes mandatory. . . . Employees were expected to hold hands, hug, kiss and express love, at workplace meetings…

But the judge said workers described a cultlike atmosphere with rites ranging from incense burning to “cleanse the workplace” and dimming lights to prevent demons from entering, to chants, prayers and delving into workers’ personal lives.”


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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