Boleskine House Owners To Honor Crowley’s Legacy

Yesterday, Ordo Templi Orientis announced:

“Boleskine House, on the south-east shore of Loch Ness in Scotland, was once owned by Aleister Crowley and is considered by many Thelemites to be a holy site. It was heavily damaged by fire in December 2015, and in April 2019 the property was sold.

“The new owners have confirmed to us that they wish to restore the house and eventually open parts of the house and its surrounding gardens to the public as a heritage landmark. The new owners wish to honor Crowley’s legacy as part of the estate’s history. They intend to cooperate with O.T.O. to provide opportunities for access to the house and land in a way which has hitherto not been possible.

“The new owners intend to transfer ownership of the estate to a public charity so that it can be preserved for many generations to come. O.T.O. intends to cooperate with the charity in the coming weeks, months and years as this exciting project gets underway.

“Private fundraising efforts have been launched to help start the renovation. Once the public charity is established and formal agreement has been reached, O.T.O. will provide an opportunity for interested parties to make tax-exempt donations specifically dedicated to support this project, in full compliance with non-profit rules and regulations. No funds from O.T.O.’s operating budget (member dues, fees, and general donations) will be allocated to the project.

“The official website for the project can be found at”

The homepage for states:

“Welcome to the official website for the Boleskine House Foundation. Here you will find information on the history, legacy and ongoing restoration project for Boleskine House and its estate.

“The restoration of Boleskine House is going to be an extremely large project with many moving parts. We encourage those interested in this project to look at our ‘Mission and Planning’ section for information on our vision and goals.

“Boleskine House needs your support if it is to be fully restored. Please see our “Funding and Donations” page in the menu above or click here to be directed to our Gofundme page where you can donate.

“Please consider checking back frequently for news and updates as well as following us on our social media channels.”


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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