Aznul Nox Oasis Announced 8th Annual Summer Camp Out Retreat

Azul Nox Oasis, O.T.O., in the Valley of Harrisburgh, PA has announced its 8th Annual Summer Camp Out Retreat, to be held June 28th to 30th, 2019. The event page states:

“For this coming year, we are excited to announce that our 8th Annual Summer Camp Out will be child friendly. We will be hosting the camp out at a completly new location with full comforts, including showers, toilets, and cabins. We are looking forward to a celebration of rituals exploring the mysteries of the Sun, crafts to inspire our children’s imagination, and as always feasting and games. We have always made efforts to be family friendly with Oasis events, but prior year summer camp out retreats have always been 18+ only. In an effort to facilitate more family and community involement, we are happy to make this change.

Here are just some things you will experience this year:

♝ A weekend of feasting, celebration and community.

♝ Decorating of the Solar Shrine to carry our intentions and prayers.

♝ Devotional space inside our dedicated Solar Puja Shrine.

♝ An amazing three part ritual experience exploring various lore of the Sun in song and worship.

♝ Creation of Ritual Masks for adults and children to wear to the Solar Shrine burning.

♝ A sock puppet mystery play, games, crafts, and much more!”

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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