Audio of Barry William Hale and Scott Barnes Discussing Enochian Magick

Here’s a 45 minute audio + slide show of O=II contributor Barry William Hale and Scott Barnes discussing history of Enochian Magick in relation to their NOKO210 project. Their YT page states:

“In this episode Scott Barnes interviews BWH about their history with Enochian Magick and expands a little on the earliest Magical/Artistic explorations of the collaboration into the 4 Watchtowers, their 16 sub-quadrants and the Tablet of Union. The focus is historical and deals with their first exposure to the Enochian Magical System through A.C.’s Liber Chanokh and the Neo-Enochian of the magical fraternity of the Golden Dawn. We also feature NOKO:TEX in the intro and more extensively with the outro of this broadcast, the 1st Aethyr working after extensively with the Enochian Watchtowers and their sub-quadrants as well as the Tablet of Union.”

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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