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ARCANORUM231 is an occult VR experience showcasing both the fruits and methods of working with Aleister Crowley’s LIBER ARCANORUM.

It consists of a series of scenes inspired by the results of magical operations using the text, as well as the myths of The Crata Repoa, an ancient Egyptian Magical Order. Featuring the artwork of Barry William Hale, sounds design of Scott Barnes, and software design of Scott Wilde, each scene moves deeper into a virtual temple, each moving farther from normal reality into sacred space. At the deepest parts of the temple, the user can initiate a virtual ritual,




The source material, LIBER ARCANORUM, is a short, mysterious text that Crowley penned in 1907 and later published in “The Equinox” vol 1, no 7. Its full title is two fold: “Liber Arcanorum τών Atu τού Tahuti Quas Vidit Asar in Amennti” which translates to (The Book of The Secrets of the Atu [tarot trumps] of Tahuti which Asar [Osiris] hath seen in Amennti [the egyptian land of the dead]) and also “Liber Carcerorum τών Qliphoth cum suis Geniis.” (The Book of The Prisons of the Qliphoth with their own Spirits.) The entire book is “sub figura 231” (under the number 231) and it is thus commonly referred to as Liber 231.




The book consists of 22 lines of text, and two sets of 22 sigils, each with a corresponding name. Each line of text, sigil, and name is associated with a path on the hermetic Tree of Life and also the tarot trump associated with that path. Each of the spirits could then be considered to be the spirit of that tarot trump, and thus, this book provides a means to invoke the spirits of the tarot trumps. Each trump has two spirits associated with it, both a domus (house) and carcer (prison), each with their own sigil and name.

No method of working was given, rather, magicians throughout the years have devised their own methods of invoking these spirits.

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