‘AHA!’ by Aleister Crowley: New Edition

imageOh, Yes! An updated, new edition of a must have for all serious students!

Aleister Crowley considered AHA! ‘my greatest magical poem.’

This profoundly esoteric work highlights the two central experiences of the Path of the Wise the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel and the Crossing of the Abyss. It also marks Crowley’s final acceptance of the mysteries of The Book of the Law, and offers his overview of Initiation and the techniques by which Spiritual Enlightenment may be achieved.

This expanded edition features a new analysis by esoteric teacher and author, J Daniel Gunther, who provides Qabalistic insights into the poem’s extraordinary depth. James Wasserman, a well known writer and student of Crowley, has expanded upon the myth of Marsyas and Olympas, while placing AHA! within the context of Crowley’s overall life and teaching. Frater Achad, one of Crowley’s most important early disciples, wrote an excellent but little-known commentary on AHA! that is included here. This volume also features an essay by Dr. Israel Regardie, a primary Crowley biographer and spokesman.

The poem ends with “Blessing and worship to the Beast, the prophet of the Lovely Star. Henceforth I must be no more an aspirant, no more an adept, no more aught that I could think of as myself. I was the chosen prophet of the Masters, the instrument fit to interpret their idea and work their will.” —Aleister Crowley

The Sevenfold Mystery of the Ineffable Love
by Aleister Crowley

Commentaries by J. Daniel Gunther, Frater Achad & Israel Regardie

Afterword by James Wasserman

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