A Super Deluxe Edition of Liber AL

There is a deluxe edition of Liber AL being sold on Etsy for US$475.76 — before shipping. It does look SWEET! The posted description says:

On April 8, 9 and 10, 1904 -exaclty 120 years ago- the British poet and magician Aleister Crowley received from AIWASS the ‘Book of the Law’.
‘Liber Al vel Legis’ consists of three chapters that reveal the philosophy, ethics and social principles of the New Aeon that has just dawned. This book is the cornerstone of the entire religious, magical and philosophical system that Crowley later formed, and which bears the title THELEMA from the word of the Law as it was delivered in the Greek language – ΘΕΛΗΜΑ.

As the text itself demands, in the ‘Book of the Law’ not one of its words should be changed, it should be beautifully written in red and black ink and always accompanied by the original manuscript. So, it is the indispensable book for everyone interested in Thelemic thought and practice, for everyone initiated into the mysteries of the Ordo Templi Orientis and Argentium Astrum, as well as the congregation of the Gnostic Mass in Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica.

With total respect to the high importance of this book, for the Thelemic community and for the whole world, the artistic workshop LOGOS 373 offers to all practitioners and bibliophiles a special edition of the Book, made in such a way that it is not just another title for their library shelf, but a talismanic work worthy of its religious eminence.

‘Liber Al vel Legis’ the Aiwass Edition has 126 color pages, printed on Old Mill paper of 100 gr, in 14.6X21.3cm dimensions and weighs aproximely 666 gr. It includes 10 images designed by the artisan daemon Melissyios, introductory note by the wordsmith frater Euandros, and the text as it was delivered to our Prophet, Aleister Crowley.

The Aiwass Edition is not a mass production. Just as each person is unique, so each new copy will be made entirely from the beginning and exclusively for the person to whom we will offer it. On the gilded side of the pages, it will be written by our artisan’s hand, the magical name of the book’s new possessor [in the photos here you see just a sample], while in the inside will be the number of the copy (out of 93 in total), as well as the stamps of authenticity by its creators.

The back of the book is decorated with an ABRAHADABRA relief which Crowley described as “the Word of the Aeon, which signifies the Great Work accomplished”, while between the pages we added a cloth bookmark with a decorative ending – a cross within a circle.

The general aesthetics we followed in the illustration, decoration and pagination of the interior is based on the metaphysical value of Beauty. Yes Beauty, as a means of awakening within us those elements that can lead the soul to ecstasy, that is, to a greater coordination with the High and the Idea. Beauty, not for aesthetical reasons (that is, to satisfy our senses) but as a magical tool of transcendence!
And for this purpose, and as a source of inspiration, we looked at the art and philosophy of major works such as the famous ‘The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer’ (1896) by William Morris and Edward Coley Burne-Jones of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, often described as one of the most beautiful books in existence!

Thus, and in order to reinforce the importance of the uniqueness and the luxury that befits Liber Al, we offer the book with a hard cover, made not of heavy cardboard but of wood cut by hand and covered with high quality scarlet velvet. The binding process is done entirely by hand so the time to create a single copy is longer than mass produced books.

The purpose of all of the above, of course, is the creation of a work of art with the literal meaning of the word that will arouse religious admiration on sight…
And as our good book says: «every man and every woman is a star», so our edition has its own star. The final touch. The finest detail… the embossed brass figure of Aiwass as a winged spirit who declares the Law of the New Aeon of the Child. «Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law» we read on the tape held by the angel, «Love is the Law, Love under Will».

The use of an embossed cover with a characteristically Byzantine allure, enlivens the whole work, brings the source of the Word of the Law closer to the reader, as well as restores Liber Al to its religious, worshipful position as an absolute point of reference, as a living talisman that carries the spirit of the Law, and an ever present beacon of its message.

‘Liber Al vel Legis’, the Aiwass Edition, is a must have for a collector, and for a practitioner an ode to spirituality…

** The Book is sent to you in a case of your choice, from a soft hand-stitched velvet case or inside a luxury velvet box. **


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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