Here’s an excerpt from Jason Miller’s Magick Monday Newsletter:

For those that don’t know, the nine days between the feast of St Cyprian of Carthage and St Cyprian of Antioch have come to be known as the Days of Cyprian, or the Cyprians if you prefer. Those of us that work with the most amazing Sorcerer Saint often perform a yearly novena at this time.


In the name of the great and mighty power of God I invoke the sublime influence of St. Cyprian, in Christ Jesus. I ask that you be my mentor and my master by virtue of the grace bestowed upon you by God omnipotent who was, who is, and who will ever be.

You learned to control storms on Mt Olympus, the casting of enchantment and illusion in Argos, the mysteries of the witches craft at Taurapolis, necromancy among the graves of Sparta, and incantations in Memphis. Finally in Antioch, drawn by power, you found grace of Christ.

Oh Holy Cyprian, you who equally partakes of the Mass and the Sabbat, bless my efforts to follow you in your path. You who commingled with angels, devils, and earthly spirits, grant the power to command the spirits as you did, and as Solomon and Manasses did before you.

I thank you Lord for the many gifts of nature and grace with which you enriched the spiritual treasure house of your most faithful servant St. Cyprian. I thank you, my protector, for the special favors I have received by your powerful intercession.

(insert prayers, petitions, spells, or requests for intercession here) 

Oh Cyprian Holy Thaumaturge : Saint and Sorcerer, Martyr and Magus, bless me. Take my prayers and spells and make them your own. When the Lord hears them he will not ignore them, they will cease to be my words, but yours.



A Prayer Against Those Who Do Evil In Christ’s Name

Oh Holy Saint Cyrpian, Saint Justina, and Saint Theoctistus I beg you for intercession in this dark hour.

Those who claim to know and speak for Christ, but who preach only hatred, ignorance, and intolerance are gaining in power. Their perform deeds of pride, ill-will, hatred, envy, bigotry, and selfishness in God’s name. Let them be now and forever  be ANATHEMA MARANATHA. 

Though they are surely as strange to you as is they have never lived, they are rising to positions of worldly power and influence, and putting forth laws and judgements that serve only poverty and ruin. Let them be now and forever be ANATHEMA MARANATHA. 

As you were martyred standing against Diocletian’s persecution of Christians, I ask that you aid us in stopping those who would do the same to others in Christs name. Let them be now and forever be ANATHEMA MARANATHA. 

Cyprian, use your sorcery to cut off their access to the angelic hosts, and to curse and confound their efforts of evil.

Justina, shield their victims with the sign of the cross and haunt them with the evils that they would perpetrate on others.

Theoctistus, take up your arms once again and wage war against the wicked and deceitful that do evil and call it love.

Let all the angels of Heaven withdraw their blessings from these false prophets and sewers of hate.

Let all he demons of Hell lose upon these powers and principalities, and let Lucifer delight in their destruction.

As the psalms say Let their days be few; and let another take their office.

Let them be before the Lord continually, that he may cut off the memory of them from the earth. 

Let mine adversaries be clothed with shame, and let them cover themselves with their own confusion, as with a mantle.

This short prayer is easily combined with imprecatory psalms such as Psalm 69. or 109.

A couple lines are stolen from Psalm 109, and a few turns of phrase are stolen from Charles Dickens Ghost of Christmas Present:

“There are some upon this earth of yours,” returned the Spirit, “who lay claim to know us, and who do their deeds of passion, pride, ill-will, hatred, envy, bigotry, and selfishness in our name, who are as strange to us and all our kith and kin, as if they had never lived. Remember that, and charge their doings on themselves, not us.”


A Spell of Three Nails

Purchase of make a cross of three nails. Go somewhere that hatred is preached in Christs name and hold this cross in fervrent prayer repeating the phrase ANATHAMA MARANATHA over and over again. Gather a link to the Church, group, or individual and bring it home with you.  A pamphlet will suffice.

At midnight undo your cross and separate the nails.

By the three prayers Christ uttered in the Garden of Getsemane before his arrest, I thrice bind those who spread hate in his name.
By the three hours of darkness that covered the land during his suffering, I thrice blind those who spread hate in his name.
By the thee days Christ spent in hell after his death and before his ressurection, I thrice condemn those who spread hate in his name.
By the three nails that pierced the flesh of god, let these enemies of love and righteousness be nailed down.

Nail the nails through the link and bury it somewhere it will not be disturbed such as the grave of a soldier.

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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