Who are Rosicrucians?
Am I a Rosicrucian?
Are you a Rosicrucian?
You know…. I think that as long as I don’t claim to be a Rosicrucian….and you don’t claim to be a Rosicrucian, there’s a chance that we both might be Rosicrucians.
As a naïve young mystic I imagined a group of spiritual adepts – masters of the magical arts. Super cool men and women pledged to the spiritual advancement of humanity – Men and woman living all over the world but joined together to form an invincible magical network – extraordinary individuals who have gained enlightenment and who are not afraid to use it.
It is to this magical order we pledged ourselves in our youth. We placed our hands on the sacred symbols and dedicated our lives to becoming masters of our destinies… masters of our souls.
And then, as if this oath invoked the terrible God “Bait–n-Switch”, we found ourselves for the next season of our lives focusing the laser beam of our one-pointed will — not upon the process of becoming masters of our souls, but upon the process of becoming masters….. of our Lodges… After that we absorbed ourselves with becoming leaders of our Orders.
Almost overnight we turned from wide-eyed acolytes to bleary-eyed cat herders, carpenters, policemen and accountants.
Sure! Neophytes consider us adepts. They come to us for guidance and instruction and inspiration, but where does the Adept go for the same things.
As a cynical middle aged magician I realized that this body of Rosicrucian adepts was a fantasy – that people no matter how magically educated and trained were still just flawed human beings …. Even the great souls are just flawed human beings.
Imperators abscond with dues and move to Endora.
Hierophants hit on your wife.
Magi use slight of hand.
Oaths are administered by schmucks who could never in good conscience fulfill them themselves.
The light of the mysteries turns easily into the dark night of the soul.
How many of our Brothers and Sisters have slipped away from us in that dark darkness?
But we have survived. Because survival is the first and last ordeal of Initiation. And for those who survive, the dark night of the soul does indeed break forth in a Golden Dawn.
There comes a time in each of our initiatory lives when we are inwardly informed in no uncertain terms that no matter what may happen in the future we will always be linked to the Great Order.
That doesn’t mean we can’t resign or quit or go inactive or be expelled from this or that organization. Of course we can.
It simply means we have been INITIATED – truly initiated. And no matter what the objective circumstances of our lives may be… nothing can take that initiation from us…we are changed.
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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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