A Handbook of Agni Yoga

Among upcoming publications from Canadian publishing house Anathema House is Desert Meditations Gnostic Cartography (A Handbook of Agni Yoga) by Craig Williams. The posted description says:

“Desert Meditations: Gnostic Cartography (A Handbook of Agni Yoga) outlines the eclectic transmissions and revelations born from a lifetime of esoteric exploration within both Eastern and Western initiatic atmospheres. The text explores primordial tributaries of gnosis which lay hidden in both the physical and “meta”-physical realms, guided by the ever-present embryonic Flame-of-the-Soul: Agni. Born from the Womb of Fire, Desert Meditations sheds light on the mysterious inner and outer pilgrimage of the embodied Soul as It seemingly journeys through simultaneous time-streams of Newtonian and Quantum wave-form experience.

“Outlining concealed maps of the esoteric body, techniques of meditation and lectio divina, concepts of time-travel, Solar and Lunar realms of experience, explorations on the radiance of the enlivened Sacraments and the role of the Mass in gnostic ritual, scriptural commentary on Nag Hammadi texts, a Mass to Agni, and the pivotal role of the Flame-of-the-Soul: Agni in clearing the shrouds of Maya as It guides, directs, heals, and inspires the incarnated consciousness on the sacred pilgrimage of the human incarnation.”

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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