38 Anniversary of the Passing of Hymenaeus Alpha

Several years ago, Frater Orpheus posted on his FB page:

On July 12th, 1985 Grady McMurtry celebrated his Greater Feast. One year later, to the date, a group of his friends boarded a boat docked at Fisherman’s Wharf In San Francisco CA, and cast the Caliph’s ashes into the ocean. I was to young to know Grady personally but I became good friends with many of his friends and Students. Over the years I have heard so many stories of Grady from those who knew him best and it is very clear that he was larger then life and inspired so much in so many. Without Grady there would be no modern day O.T.O. as we know it. What many don’t know is that Grady claimed the Grade of Magus upon forming the O.T.O. which Grand Lodge’s first charter clearly indicates. From all of us… thank you Grady… and to all of us who carry on in his stead, O.T.O. — A.’.A.’. or otherwise, Godspeed!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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